Brownsville By the Numbers

As the discussion continues regarding Main Street Brownsville, today I want to identify our focus area.

A revitalization program’s target area should include the “natural” boundaries of the downtown or neighborhood commercial district.  Generally this is the area that has been recognized as the historic or traditional commercial core.  Main Street Brownsville’s boundaries encompass the Central Business District (court square), West Main to Grand Ave. and College Hill, East Main to Anderson Ave., and East Jefferson to Anderson Ave. including Dunbar Carver. It is important to work within a defined geographic district; the purpose is not to exclude anyone, but to be able to demonstrate change in our concentrated area.

Before our revitalizing work began on the concentrated area, we spent several months collecting data for review and submission to the Tennessee Main Street Program.  Receiving Main Street Program status is a prestigious designation.  While every designated local Main Street program can work toward accreditation, not every Main Street program receives it.  To continue to be a Main Street Community, Main Street Brownsville submits an annual report.   This report gives an overall picture of what’s happening or not happening in the defined area.  I found the statistics interesting and would like to share a few with you.  This data will be re- evaluated on an annual basis and we will be assessed on the changes we demonstrate.  While you might not see immediate changes, the long term results will be a positive influence for our community.

By the Numbers…                                                      Main Street Brownsville

159                                                      2014 Number of businesses in Main Street Brownsville District

709                                                      2014 Employees in Main Street Brownsville District

14.13 Million                                     Tourism Spending-State of Tennessee 2013 (2014 N/A)

39,000                                                 Vehicles passing Exit 56 Daily


Main Street Brownsville is committed to increasing our existing business revenues, promoting local entrepreneurial opportunities, and fostering cultural appreciation within our community.   As you can read  by the numbers, the tourist dollars and traffic is there.  We are working to pull these dollars to you.

None of us can do everything, but each of us can do something.”